Woodlawn Canine Academy

There is a seemingly unlimited amount of options for people to select from when looking for a dog trainer.  We would like to begin by telling you that if you are looking for the basic "sit" and "stay" and nothing more, we probably aren't the right trainer for you. Although, as you can see from above, we often begin there - we go far beyond that! If you're looking for something "Beyond the Basics" to having a relationship with your dog you may never have realized you could have, we are certainly great candidates for your training needs! 

Most trainers seem to sell "time".  At Woodlawn, you don't buy a certain amount of training time. We offer customized, personalized programs that are unique to every client. In doing so, we can't limit the amount of time you get for training.  We work at the appropriate pace for you and your canine. 

Why Woodlawn? 

A little bit because of what you WON'T get:

  •  "In and Out" approach.  We are in it for the RESULT and realize every dog and family is different.
  • "One-Time Slot" opportunity to train.  Life changes, your schedule changes, your dog's age changes.... we accommodate all those things.
  • "Old School" mentality. Our trainers have learned from years of experience and methods bringing the most well-rounded, accomplished training programs available. Life changes....training methods can, too.
  • "Charge 'em and Run". Most of our clients keep in touch for the lifetime of their dogs, and even when they get additional/new dogs. We're in this business to establish long-term relationships that allow canine education to grow.
  • "Well, That's Just The Way Your Dog Is". Many of our clients have heard this from other trainers. It leaves them frustrated and defeated. You will never hear that from us. If putting extra time and creativity in to a plan is what it takes - we do it!

A LOT because of what you will get:

At first interaction you'll have a phone conversation with our intake coordinator, Connie. That gives you opportunity to share the history you have with your pet and help guide us to what will be best for you. From there, an at home consultation is scheduled and for approximately one hour Tony and Connie will meet with you (and as many members of your household as possible who can participate) in  your home to observe your dog in it's own environment. This is KEY to our philosophy of training. Seeing your pet in your home allows us to truly understand when you say things like "well, he eats the garbage" or "she barks at everything". After our consult we offer our opinion on what will work best for you.

Most of our programs are centered on approximately 12 at home sessions (more or less as needed) and then invitation to join us at group classes - forever! Yes, forever! These group classes are what provide the best opportunity for socialization and distraction work - the things that will keep you obedience in line for you. Also, included in the program are field trips as needed to bring your dog to environments that may be necessary to work on specific needs you have.  Your program may start with group and in-home, or just need group, etc. Having a completely personalized program allows room to do whatever is needed to reach your goal!

Our lifetime guarantee provides you the opportunity to call us, have us visit if needed and basically rely on us in any way needed to assist with your training for as long as you own your dog. The only "catch" to this is that you have to do your part. As long as you're doing you're part we are there forever to support you.

Loving your dog is wonderful. Caring enough to help your dog be the best it can be is BEST. Research us and get started on the path to living in harmony with your canine!