Woodlawn Canine Academy

Puppy Training Package

Getting a puppy for the holidays? Help ensure your new friend has a good start by guiding them to obedience through our introductory puppy program. Puppy Imprinting begins the minute your pup is born ... how you continue it becomes the foundation for the rest of your time with that pup. Imprinting takes place whether you intend on it or not. Everything you do with your puppy is imprinted - they remember it and hold true to it. Make sure you're imprinting in a positive way so your new addition has a shot at having a great life with you. Set the foundation for a great relationship - living in harmony rather than conflict. 

Our 5-session puppy course is a great way to introduce you, your family members, and your puppy the steps leading to canine obedience and fair, firm & fun experiences. Bring the kids with to start them on the path to humane education!

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your pup's new world

Learn about what your pup is "thinking" since arrival into your world. Your home is a new world for them. Imagine how you would feel if you were dropped into a country where you didn't speak the language? 

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basic commands

While learning how your pup is thinking, you'll also learn how to start building the foundation for basic commands like "sit", "stay" and "down". If your pup already knows these things, don't worry.... we'll take you beyond them.

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get ready for growth

Your pup is going to change as it grows. Every month or so it will enter a new phase of life - and you'll need to help guide them to make that life a harmonious one with yours. Get started by learning about what to anticipate and how to direct it.

This (5) Session Program will be held Monday evenings from 5:30 to 6:30 pm.

Francis Field, New Lenox - 801 E. Francis Road, New Lenox, IL

Children welcome! Puppies are a member of the family and family should be included in training.

Call 630-418-2885 for more information or email: woodlawncanine@gmail.com