Woodlawn Canine Academy


We've put quite a bit of time into evaluating our protocols and listening to our clients so we could offer the best possible options for training.  This resulted in us deciding to create a custom package for each individual based on their particular needs.  Each client will receive an initial evaluation with you, your family and your pet to discuss your goals and assess your canine's personality and level of obedience.  During this evaluation you will work with Tony and Connie to create a training program that works with your goals and schedule. Not all dogs are accepted into the program, however, those who are offered a spot and accept can look forward to a rewarding lifetime with their pet. 

Your program will include the following options:

  • Visits to your home to educate and work with you and whoever else will be working with your pet.
  • Field trips to various businesses or parks for socialization or group training.
  • Bringing in extra staff/people when needed (socialization, barking at strangers, etc.).
  • Bringing in additional dogs as needed (socialization, agression, etc.).
  • Phone consults as needed while you're working your pet between visits.
  • Email responses and summaries of sessions.
  • Video of important parts of your sessions for your review in between meetings to help develop your skill set.
  • A beginning point end goal for each session.
  • Lifetime participation in group classes as available throughout the year.
  • Board and Train on an as needed basis dependent on circumstances.

Call or email for information.