Woodlawn Canine Academy


Most training programs are centered on the client purchasing a certain amount of time. Woodlawn Canine Academy doesn't sell time. We focus on, and get, results.

We offer innovative and interactive personalized dog training programs that bring to light how the canine brain works and teach YOU how to train your dog and maintain the results. These programs are for people who want a relationship with their pet that goes beyond "sit" and "stay". They are 100% personalized for our clients specific needs and come with a lifetime guarantee. With a combination of our skills & experience, and your commitment to your pet, you can live in harmony with your canine!

Each program includes "in home" private classes, group classes and our lifetime guarantee along with access to any of our group classes for as long as you choose to participate. Anyone can teach a dog to sit or stay. Woodlawn teaches you WHY they do it, with hands on learning and discussion. Our trainers help you expand the foundation of skills and ideas to create a true relationship with your dog that will make you proud to be with them. Proud to have them walk beside you. Proud to have them be seen by friends and strangers.  As you move to a higher level of understanding your canine moves to a higher level of obedience. You grow together infinitely.

Our services encompass with the philosophy centered on the belief that everyone wants to live in harmony with their dog, but everyone may have a different needs to get there.  None of our clients has the same program as any other.  Each client receives a custom designed plan, created through:

  • Initial canine assessment
  • Client goal outline and description
  • Progress evaluations

Plans allow opportunity for each of us to have the dog we want and the behaviors we need to live in unity with them. 

Our programs aren't limited to any certain time frame and our sessions aren't limited to a certain amount of minutes.  Some dogs take more than twelve weeks, some take less.  Some dogs can work an hour and a half one session and some can only work thirty minutes.  The bottom line is that we have a relationship with our clients based on trust and results. As we said, we don't sell "time".  We offer a product that gives you what you need for as long as you are willing to commit and implement plans and practice.

It's also important for all clients to note that training NEVER STOPS.  Training takes place between you and your dog forever.  This is why we offer ongoing, complimentary group classes for each of our program students.  We offer follow-up support and phone consults as needed.  As long as you hold up your end of the deal by continuing to work with your dog we are there to support you every step of the way!

We love repeat business....but, if you learn from us you shouldn't have to hire us again. Of course, we'll always come back for problem situations - that's part of our "lifetime guarantee"!   

Want to walk proudly next to your canine? Want to know why they don't listen to you no matter what you try? Give us a call.... 630-418-2885.