Woodlawn Canine Academy

Our Mission: To provide ethical, professional high level training services to those seeking an enriched relationship with their canine and a deeper understanding of how the canine thinks, acts and reacts through personalized, individualized training programs focusing on humane education and positive reinforcement. 

Why Woodlawn?

We're going to start by telling you what we are NOT:

  • We are not a big-box chain.
  • We do not sell time.
  • We do not limit what we provide to you.
  • We do not try to tell you what you need when you already know what you want.
  • We do not make excuses.
  • We will NOT use old school hard-core methods just to get you quick results.
  • We are not a "sit", "stay", "here" service.

Now, Here's what Woodlawn Canine is:

  • An advanced dog training business with 35 years training experience behind it.
  • Our head trainer has trained in Germany, the United States, has been on Oprah and was part of the Michael Vick dog evaluation team.
  • Our philosophy is based on positive reinforcement.... takes more time, but gets the job done right.
  • We believe in starting your program in your home to get a feel for what you're looking for and how your dog fits into your life.
  • We NEVER leave you. Our program comes with a lifetime guarantee that includes lifetime opportunity to participate in our group classes.
  • We believe humans can have a very deep relationship with their canines. One based on trust that will bring about solid obedience.

Reach out with any questions you have. We are more than willing to answer them and always glad to come out to your home for an assessment.