Woodlawn Canine Academy

We believe all dogs need a solid foundation of obedience to successfully live in harmony with their humans. We also understand that sometimes behaviors develop that need special attention. The last few months we've gotten many calls from clients who have dogs that are suddenly displaying aggression, fear, chewing, guarding, etc. The input from these callers brought us to bring another element to our training programs: training for specific behaviors. This option is available to those who have dogs who have already established and can display obedience to the intermediate level. It is also imperative that the handler have a firm foundation from which to work the dog. If you have a specific need you'd like addressed, please contact us for more information on our services. A phone call will gather basic information and an appointment can be scheduled afterward. However, it is important to note that Woodlawn Canine Academy believe that every dog we work with carries our name on it every minute of every day. Therefore, there are very few "quick fixes" that will be done in one or two sessions. It takes time to get to know the dog, the handler, your lifestyle and other elements that your canine deals with . If we were to just come in and "fix it" we would be remiss in our mission - which includes humane education. Humane education and human involvement is what makes the "harmony" we refer to possible.  Contact us for information on how to help you get your dog out of that "rut"!