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What some of our clients have to say.....

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Woodlawn Canine is great to work with! Tony is an awesome trainer and he really knows his stuff. I love the quality of his work and the results I’ve gotten with my dog!
— Nikole & Kai Schoonmaker (2017)
We have had an amazing experience working with Woodlawn Canine. They customized a plan for our 6 month old Great Dane who had fear agreession and today her fears have been put to rest - she is a happy, relaxed girl!

— Kevin, Tammy & Gracie Smith (2017)
I got Logan after a lot of research into the breed and couldn’t love him more! I knew I would be training him and researched trainers right away. A trainer who sounded good on paper and very confident he could train sold me 15 weeks of training for a very large amount of money. At first it was wonderful, but after 10 sessions little progress had been made.

I began considering different avenues and found Woodlawn Canine Academy. Reviews were all amazing and the videos available were helpful. I never told Connie and Tony, but my heart was already sold before I met them from that initial contact and videos. After talking with Connie, saying she was kind on the phone doesn’t do her justice. She spent at least an hour on the phone with me listening to me cry in frustration over what I’ve been through with other trainers and how I was lost and skeptical of anyone at the point I was at. She said: meet Tony, see what he says, and you’ll know immediately that he’s the real deal. After seeing him in action during our complimentary consult I wanted in!

After signing with them I remember Tony telling me “We are in this together, my dear!” It’s been a great ride ever since!

Tony not only trains the dog, he trains the owner. He teaches us about dogs, how they think and feel and learn! He doesn’t come by for 15 minute sessions to teach a command and leave. He sits and discussions your frustrations and concerns and addresses each of them! Woodlawn asks what you want from your dog and works with you to get it.they have given me the best feeling of trust - and the confidence to be the best alpha I can be for Logan.

I love group classes on Mondays. I’ve gotten to know people and am becoming friends with people in class. Everyone is there to help one another succeed.

Connie and Tony are a wonderful team. Everyone with a dog would benefit from Woodlawn Canine Academy.
— Gracie Chlebek and Logan (2017)
Woodlawn Canine Academy has truly been a blessing to my family. I have had the pleasure of training 5 dogs (yes, 5) with them over the last 5 years, and I can’t even begin to explain how helpful they’ve been! I have been equipped with the tools necessary to train dogs effectively. Woodlawn Canine is not your typical sit, stay training facility. Tony Gordon has created an individualized program catering to my family’s needs based on my puppies personalities. I really enjoy working with Woodlawn Canine Academy, and I’m confident that Tony’s ongoing support and guidance my life with my dog will continue to be harmonious and joyful.
— Jasmine & Loki Clayton (2017)
All we can say is “WOW” and “Thank you”!!!! Nothing against the Big Box stores, but when it came to training we wanted MORE. After researching the internet we found Woodlawn Canine Academy & Tony Gordon. Let me just say the passion and confidence Tony has in the human and canine makes YOU want to be the BEST possible handler team around. Not only does he treat you and your canine with Respect, Professionalism and as family - he helps YOU train and learn right along with your canine by explaining in every detail now and why h e has you train the way he does. Not only do you get personalized training (one on one at YOUR home), there are also group classes, out in the real world, not stuck in a store. You also get so much more as his right hand man (in this case woman) Connie is right there to help keep everything organized and running smoothly from appointments, to taking videos of sessions and timely callbacks if you have a problem. They are just a Profesional Class Act for your 2 and 4 legged family. We have found a new Forever Family with them, and we are excited to keep learning through our future training. Thank you again.
— Jim, Dawn & Dozer Micetich (2017)
Becoming members of Woodlawn Canine Academy has been the best thing for my 2 year old pit, Raylynn & I. She gets a chance to socialize at the weekly workshops and Tony’s expertise in dog training and his one on one with me & Raylynn has made it possible for me to take her places we never could go before. Although, we still have a lot to learn, the changes so far have been tremendous. Thank you so much, Tony & Connie for all that you have done.
— Rich & Robin Hall (2016)
Woodlawn Canine Academy offers an excellent dog training program and Tony Gordon is a remarkable trainer. I strongly suggest you enroll your dog in the program!
— Rodrigo Johnson, Jr. (2016)

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Tony Gordon is a Godsend! His knowledge of canines and his training skills are next to none!! Tony was able to put a training regiment together specific for my family and our two pit bull mix sisters that we rescued. Starting training at 10 weeks old, our now six month old pups have become very well behaved and obedient! Every training sessions was fun and productive and the puppies as well as my family enjoyed it each week. Tony has given us the tools to grow these puppies into great, obedient dogs. We look forward to a lifetime of group sessions as our puppy imprinting comes to an end. We are proud to call Tony Gordon our trainer and even more now our friend.
— Johnny Williams (2016)
Woodlawn Canine Academy has changed our lives! We have two lovable (but crazy!) dogs. From the very first session I knew we had made the right choice with Tony and Connie. Working with Tony is amazing! He is passionate, caring, flexible and knowledgeable. The investment we’ve made into this program is worth every penny. Tony pushed us to be our best so that our dogs can gain the confidence and control needed to be their best!
— Noreen & Chris Cook (2016)
Watson (my very energetic seven year old German Shorthair/English Pointer mix) and I are not only clients of Woodlawn Canine Academy, but fans as well! We have made great progress since our first session with Tony. I particularly like that Tony offers private training at my home. Connie’s posts to the Facebook page are accurate reflections of what you can expect from Woodlawn Canine Academy.
— Karen Matei(2016)

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We are happy to tell everyone what an outstanding trainer Tony Gordon is. Our dog, Jack Daniels, is very smart - but, stubborn. When we were referred to Tony we were amazed at how he instantly read Jack and knew what to do with him. Tony’s skill helped Jack become the demonstration dog at Harper High School for several sessions. We couldn’t be happier with the results and hope to refer him to many more people.
— Maurie & Carol (2015)

My little, tiny poodle was impossible to control. She nipped at people, chewed and I couldn’t housebreak her for the life of me. When I was referred to Tony I wasn’t sure how things would turn out. I couldn’t have been happier when within our first session I couldn’t have been more impressed. His presence, tone of voice, skills, experience and overall knowledge are unbelievable. He had my Ralph behaving beautifully. Of course, when he left we had some downfalls until our next session. It was about the third session I realized Tony is different from all other trainers because he works so hard to educate the human. I thought you could just train a dog and it would know what to do from there on in. Nope. I learned I have to help my dog along - and I’m happy to do it. Couldn’t be happier with how things turned out and know it wouldn’t be near this good if it weren’t for Tony.
— Cindy O'Connell (2015)

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Honestly, Tony Gordon has changed my life and the lives of my dogs. My 6 month old, Beatrice was a smart, sensitive, high energy dog who was perfect at home but a disaster on a leash. Tony quickly noticed that Bea was just a very sensitive girl with a low threshold for excitement. Tony helped us figure out how to use minimal correction techniques that were invaluable in our training. Bea transformed into a remarkable dog, both on and off the leash. In the city, she is a trustworthy, attentive partner. Our friends tell us she is the most attuned, obedient dog they’ve ever met, and we couldn’t be prouder. Our work with Tony helped us build a mutually respectful, devoted and loving relationship with Bea. There are many dog trainers, but what sets Tony Gordon apart is his ability to tailor his training approach to match the needs of individual dogs - from my overly sensitive Bea, to easy going, trusting, Kimberly, to the most protective, shut-down or aggressive dogs. He’s a MIRACLE WORKER!
— Yvonne Smith (2015)

Rebecca and I adopted Sam from Animal Welfare when he was three. He was a stray. Very energetic but it was clear he had been very neglected. He also exhibited aggression toward other dogs. We had strong-willed and high-drive dogs before but it was clear we were in over our heads with Sam. We were referred to Tony by a friend, and within an hour of our first lesson Sam was walking gently on a leash and then sitting nicely next to Tony’s dog, Echo. Over the next few months Tony worked out a personal training program to meet our specific needs. Tony was incredibly generous with his time, helped us work in group training sessions, was always available to answer questions and we soon learned he wasn’t just training Sam - he was TEACHING US to train Sam!. We really can’t say enough good things about Tony Gordon!
— Rebecca & Michael (2015)

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We were referred to Tony by CBBR where we adopted our Stan. Stan. Stan. Stan. Little Stan was a chewer from day one and continued to the point of literally eating our sofa to the wood. Counter-surfing is a favorite sport for him and blankets are one of his favorite snacks. Obedience went right out the window as soon as Stan sensed we had no clue how to show him the right way to behave. We tried retail pet classes and walked away with him knowing how to sit. We needed TRAINING - for the dog and ourselves. Within ten minutes of being in our home Tony had Stan sitting patiently waiting to be “freed” from his spot. Throughout the next year Tony helped us learn how to teach Stan. He taught us it’s not just training the dog. We have to know how to teach him. Stan is a loved member of our house, and he still can’t resist the occasional blanket, but his 70 lbs of energetic loyalty and protection is beyond what we had hoped. He can sit in a crowd of strangers and not move, he will come when called, he walks beautifully on a leash.....all thanks to Tony Gordon. Thank you, Tony!
— Bud and Connie (2015)