Woodlawn Canine Academy

Tony Gordon, Woodlawn Canine Academy founder, has been training dogs for over 30 years.

Tony Gordon is a renowned trainer who pays careful attention to each dog's individual personality as well as the desired outcome requested by the owner. Over the years Tony has competed locally, regionally and nationally and has won many awards with his canine partners in the areas of obedience, personal protection and Schutzhund dog sport.  He had the good fortune of training under Dr. Helmut Raiser (accomplished world champion Shutzhund trainer) in Castle, Germany.  Upon his return to the States Tony shifted methodology to include inducive techniques fostering a more positive disposition resulting in obedience without conflict.

As a counselor working with at risk youth in both private and public school system settings Tony has used his dogs to successfully reach young people and assist in modifying negative behaviors.  His dogs also worked canine assisted therapy roles in anger management and conflict resolution sessions with adults.  During this time Tony also produced some of the top Belgian Malinois in the country.  As a certified detection dog trainer many of his dogs served in the U.S. military as well as dual and single purpose police dogs.   Tony has been on the Oprah Winfrey show discussing canine behaviors and has consulted with the Animal Rights groups and shelters around the country on canine behavior and human education.   His role as consultant during the evaluation of the Michael Vick dogs at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary was the catalyst to his interest in humane education.  He went on to become one of the writers of the Animal Cruelty and Humane Education Act that passed in Washington D.C.  Tony continuously strives to serve the community, its youth and their four-legged friends.  He  has certified many dogs with the Canine Good Citizen award and his training skill set is highly recognized among his peers.

Tony's experience provided an opportunity to teach the general public that they can have a better understanding of how their dogs think, act and react to offer opportunity to live in harmony with them.  While he continues to assist communities and those in need, he has combined his life experiences and created a dog training program offering total customization to the clients needs.